Leads for Law Firms

Leads for Law Firms

Leads For Law Firms Via Translation.

Why pay for leads when you could be generating more yourself by taking a few simple steps?

Translating your marketing message can open you up to a large, new, local market for very little time and cost. With Polish (as just one example) now being an important language in the UK it would make sense to address that market directly.

Many Polish speaking clients are looking for legal services and by offering them those services in their language you can greatly increase leads for law firms who see that opportunity.

A number of our clients (law firms, local authorities) are seeing more and more of their workload requiring translation. From email translation to case notes and contracts. Translation opportunities are providing an increase in leads for law firms who offer that service.

We simply offer you experienced and highly qualified legal translators on a 24/7 basis. So when you have an email or a letter to deal with it can be translated within hours. Our rates for legal aid are also some of the most competitive in the UK.

So, to see how we can help you with the growth of your law firm then click HERE to learn more or call us now (01492 517351) or contact us HERE.

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