Leads For Lawyers. A Simple Solution.

Leads For Lawyers. A Simple Solution.

Generating leads for lawyers

Law firms, like any other business, need new leads to survive.

Rather than chase the same market why not develope a new one?

Are you always looking for new ideas to be able to survive in this competitive business climate? Are you looking for more leads to grow your business? Maybe you are buying leads to help that process. Buying leads can work, however it can be costly and the lead is often sold to other firms as well meaning you are still in competition even having paid for the lead.

Translation can be an answer to your problem and generate ongoing leads month after month and here is how.

Legal translation can offer a number of solutions.

Have a small part of your website and marketing materials translated into one (or a number of) specific languages that are relevant to your area.
Have a complete landing page in a specific language.
Have us on call to provide experienced and highly qualified translators to handle your translation needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

These are just three of the solutions that may well provide ongoing legal leads and more lucrative work for your business over a long period of time.

With Polish being the second language of the UK that would be a great place to start. Legal firms who are clients of ours already work a great deal in Polish, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish – to name but a few.

Often they require emails translated the same day. No problem. We also offer highly competitive rates for legal aid.

Being able to offer legal aid services in a different language can often increase your business significantly.

You may be surprised at how small an investment in translation can grow your business.

To see how we can help get you more leads and grow your business then call us now (01492 517351) or contact us HERE.

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