Grow your Law Firm

Grow your Law Firm

Grow Your Law Firm With Polish Translation.

An area of obvious growth for many law firms in the UK would be to be more proactive in offering their services to the local Polish community – in Polish.

Offering Polish legal translation is a simple, cost effective and more importantly proven method of how to grow your law firm from your existing local community.

On the 1st May 2004 Poland and seven other European countries joined the European Union. Three countries – Britain, Ireland and Sweden allowed immediate working in their country for those new EU citizens. By the time of the 2011 census there were estimated to be 579,000 Poles living and working in Britain. It has been estimated that around that time Southampton, with a population of around 200,000 people, had a Polish population of around 15,000. The same situation applies to many cities across the UK.

To be able to grow your law firm by addressing this community directly may be as simple as adding professional Polish translation to the Home page of your website. Or by adding a specific Polish page. Marketing material, business cards and window displays could also be translated into Polish.

We have a number of law firms (and local authorities) across the UK that are carrying out a substantial amount of work for Polish clients and are taking advantage of our 24/7 support by experienced and highly qualified professional Polish translators.

To see how we can help grow your law firm with Polish to English and English to Polish translation services then click HERE to learn more or call us now on 01492 517351 or contact us HERE.

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